10 language changes that will move you from pain to power in no time.

Be honest, can you relate to any of these ?

😔 “Why bother, I don't even know if my career and my business will ever come back the way it was before”

😩 “ It's just too painful to work on something that once was the best thing in my life and now seems to be wiped of  the planet overnight, it feels painful enough so why put a knife in the wound “

😡 “If my industry does not exist right now, how does my art even make a difference ?”

😞 “I was doing so well just before lockdown, all the projects and plans I had. I just feel deflated and have little to no motivation to work on anything. “

😖 " I have created SO MUCH new online content, but it just doesn´t feel the same. "

 👨‍👩‍👧 “I choose to spend this time only with the things that matter most : Which are having a place to stay, showing love and attention to the people I care about and food on the table.”

💔 "Lockdown and all the change that comes with it makes me feel so overwhelmed, my creativity and art is just not a priority anymore, even though I know it´s the one thing I love doing most.”

😭 "I am a parent, and now being at home with the kids just leaves me with no time left, of course I love spending so much time with them, but I still just miss my life”

If you agreed with at least one, I have something to share with you !

This week you will learn how to directly connect to your dreams without having to work on them. 

Because honestly we all need a break sometimes, am I right ?


What is the ONE language pattern you know is holding you back and which one are you going to use INSTEAD to move you from Pain to Power in No time ?

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"Keep your heart connected to your art and keep MOVING while you sit at home.

Much Love your way

xx Ulrike

This is "Let-me-educate-you" . A project born in a crisis to connect our hearts with our arts and to keep moving while we sit at home. I am a professional circus and cabaret performer,Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artist as well as a Producer and Director of Shows in London but most importantly I am a business passionate, in fact so passionate that I became a business and life coach specifically focused on creative minds like YOU!

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