Feeling Anxious and Panicky during this pandemic ? There is something you can do to help fight COVID-19 ...hint : YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.

Can we fight a virus with our mind ? The answer is YES 😱 , and the Science behind it explained crystal clear 💎

I took a job during this Pandemic to not only support myself financially and mentally but to also help keep stores open and support the essential workers. It´s been pretty hard but also pretty humbling at the same time.  

I ended up working in one of my favorite food & health stores. We sell amazing food, vitamins and remedies of all kind, cruelty free cosmetics and so on.

Since learning tends to happen where interest is, I have learned A LOT !

( Did you know that Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin, or NEVER ever give vitamin E to a pregnant women or that milk thistle will help cleanse your gallbladder, oh and there is a pill against bloating called "Wind-away" looooooool )

Jokes aside, I really learned some good stuff and one specific thing really left me gobsmacked.

I learned about the Science behind positive thinking and the biological effect on your body !

And let me tell you , our mind is some crazy bad ass !

No Pill I am selling at the moment, no food supplement or face cream will be able to be as powerful as your mind !!

Isn´t this crazy ? This means you have aces to some pretty powerful stuff like all day...everyday. BOOM!  

Why this is important ? Well first of all, I really don´t want you to get sick right now but also this is a piece of information that you´ll be able to use for the rest of your life to enhance your performance and to really tackle your wildest dreams with full force! 

Sounds Good ?

Tap into your SUPERPOWER 👇🏻

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Keep your heart connected to your art and keep MOVING while you sit at home. And you know why ? Because you future self is gonna thank you for it. Much Love xx Ulrike

This is "Let-me-educate-you" . A project born in a crisis to connect our hearts with our arts and to keep moving while we sit at home. I am a professional circus and cabaret performer,Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artist as well as a Producer and Director of Shows in London but most importantly I am a business passionate, in fact so passionate that I became a business and life coach specifically focused on creative minds like YOU!

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