STOP...In the name of Growth

Things are going to be different from today :)

I have been working behind the scenes to develop the next steps I want to take with and I am so thrilled to share them with you. 

These are the changes you need to know about :

  • No more LIve IG sessions every Tuesday ( FOR NOW !!! )

  • More written Content delivered to your inbox with even more variety of topics I have in store for you !

But why Ulrike ?

Because I want to create even better things for you. In my gut I know the live sessions have served it´s purpose and they will come back probably once a month ( you will hear from it first ! )

Here is what is coming your way instead and here is also what is already available NOW for you and I really hope I get to see your face in one or the other project again, and help you take control of your life.

1. I am preparing a Masterclass for Entrepreneurs with multiple Modules and live sessions with the group and individuals. 

C.Erk Photography

Wanna join ? Drop me a message at

Subject : Masterclass ( absolutly limited places since I want to make this about each individual attending )

2. I am writing a children's book for adults together with my sister Franzika Storch ( fashion Designer and Illustrator ) dedicated to all YOU beautiful creative and inspiring people

I guess it comes as no surprise you will see little Marlene discovering the world ( I just can´t help it )

3. I am training for my Master In NLP ( Neurolinguistic Programming ), Master In Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy & Timeline Therapy so I can in the future provide the most powerful change if you decide to have me as your coach. This is one of the highest degrees you can get and I am so thrilled to be spending my in depth final training and my exams next year in Las Vegas Nevada. I will be the first Footjuggling Life & Career Coach with the unique combination of skills and experience which I think is needed for our industry. Kinda like a Swiss Army knife for Creative Entrepreneurs :)

The overall thing I am doing is still the same : I am here for you. I am making time to create the change I want in my life and career so I can provide better and more in depth change and resources for you.

Cool ?

I feel humbled to coach some of you during this last weeks and the coming ones, the power of life-coaching is really something incredible. I do have more places available but will send you the actual offer in another email. 

This is it for today, but I am not leaving without asking you a question , today I want to know from you :

What will you stop doing today to create space and energy for the change you desire ?

I care about you, and I am here.

Much love your way

As always, keep moving, and indulge in change to let the things that are meant to be, fall in place for you.



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