WHAT A WEBSITE WILL DO FOR YOU. 20.3.2020 Live IG Recording.

We talked about why your website is a powerful tool and not only reserved for "big company´s" Find also out what you should NEVER put on your website...

Ps: excuse my face disappearing half through the talk, I am figuring things tech out as we go :)

This is "Let-me-educate-you" . A project born in a crisis to connect our hearts with our arts and to keep moving while we sit at home. I am a professional circus and cabaret performer,Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artist as well as a Producer and Director of Shows in London but most importantly I am a business passionate, in fact so passionate that I became a business and life coach specifically focused on creative minds like YOU! Did you like what you saw ? If so, tell a friend and share this blogpost with someone that would truly benefit from this ! Much Love xx Ulrike

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