"WORDS TELL, STORY´S SELL" Live IG recording 1.4.2020

We talked about how to find your story and why knowing and using it for your business is the most powerful tool of them all. Stick around and you´ll hear my story AND how I made this story the heart and driving force of my business.

My laptop-crashed during recording so you´ve got a different type of video :)

Progress...not perfection xx

This is "Let-me-educate-you" . A project born in a crisis to connect our hearts with our arts and to keep moving while we sit at home. I am a professional circus and cabaret performer,Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artist as well as a Producer and Director of Shows in London but most importantly I am a business passionate, in fact so passionate that I became a business and life coach specifically focused on creative minds like YOU!

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